About us 

​​​​​Garden Life Ltd was registered 10th November 2011 to supply our steel framed walk in poultry runs.

Main chicken run

I’m John, the managing director of Garden Life Ltd. The development of our chicken runs began around 2010. Our idea was to provide a chicken run for hens but much bigger than those tiny pens which attach to some coops. At the time, my wife Sian and I ran a business selling massive commercial grade polytunnels and we got a call one day from someone asking if we sold the frames without the poly cover. It was a strange question so I asked why? The answer was a ‘lightbulb’ moment then the customer said “I’m going to cover it in chicken wire to keep my ducks in”.
This great idea got me thinking, there must be a need for a product like this but in a much smaller scale.

The Garden Life Poultry Run was born.

Chicken run door     Chicken run full     strong chicken run      large chicken run

We have chicken runs for sale in many sizes to suit the smallest garden to a large smallholding and have a choice of four mesh options. The first year of business took us by surprise, they were so popular. So popular in fact that within that time, three Chinese factories took the idea and copied it, and since then we have fought this competition with our simple price promise –
We will undercut any price for any like-for-like item, and give the level of service you would expect from a family run business.