Chicken Runs - 3m (10ft) span

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3m Span Chicken Runs (span is the length across the door profile).

a 6ft wide run not big enough?
Getting bigger we have 3 metre (10ft) span, galvanised steel chicken enclosure. With three mesh options, each option giving full cage coverage, all of our strong galvanised steel framed walk in poultry runs come with FREE delivery to all mainland addresses in England, Wales and lower Scotland. A excess is applied for delivery to all other addresses. The depth of your 3m wide walk in chicken coop can be 4 metres, 6 metres or 8 metres, or we do sell chicken enclosure extensions if required. Our runs come as standard with strong 20 gauge chicken wire mesh but the 19 gauge welded mesh offers better protection and peace of mind when leaving your pets unsupervised for long periods. Note with wire gauges, the lower the number, the thicker the wire.

Worried about your pets roaming around your garden?
Made from high quality galvanised steel and mesh, our walk in chicken enclosures offer great security for chickens, ducks, rabbits, dogs, cats and many more animals. One issue is if you have a tall chicken coop which can't fit inside the run, a popular solution is to place the coop externally up against the run and cut a pop hole to allow your hens to leave the coop and step right in to the run. Our self assembly runs come with very detailed instructions to help with easy assembly and the 3m x 4m run is easy to move to new spots by two adults who simply stand one on each side, then lift the frame off the ground and walk it to a new fresh patch of grass. For bigger sizes we recommend more assistance to prevent the frame bending when it is raised off the ground.  
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