Chicken runs - 4m (13ft) span

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​​​​​​​4m Span Walk In Chicken Runs (span is the length across the door profile).

Fed up of your birds eating anything they find in your garden?
An ideal pen in which to place your chicken coop, our 4x4 metre (13x13ft) walk in chicken run is our most popular size.

Not big enough ?
Again, the depth can be 4 metres, 6 metres or 8 metres but bigger depths are always possible, so give us a call anytime. Made from strong, high quality, galvanised steel with total mesh coverage, our walk in chicken runs can be used as cages for chickens, ducks, rabbits,cats, dogs and many more animals. Many have been sold to the British Army to house their guard dogs and we have even supplied them to rescue centres for keeping foxes IN them. We offer FREE delivery to most UK mainland addresses to supply great security for your chickens or whatever pets you have. Assembly is easy with our unique installation booklet written by ourselves and, once complete, the 4x4m frame can be moved to fresh grass by two adults quite easily. You would need extra help to move any bigger runs. 

The standard runs come with 20 gauge strong, hexagonal chicken wire mesh (one inch hole) but we do offer an upgrade to 19 gauge (lower the number - thicker the wire) welded mesh (one inch hole) which gives greater protection and is only beaten by our ULTIMATE 19 gauge welded mesh with a half inch hole.

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