Chicken runs - 6m (20ft) span

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6m Span Runs (span is the length across the door profile).

Our biggest span walk in chicken run is 6 metres (6m or 20ft). With the 6m span, the depth can be 6 metres, 8 metres or 10 metres but we often supply poultry runs to the agricultural world up to 20 meters. There are unlimited uses for runs of this size and the extra width of the 6m span allows for much more walking space inside. So if you are looking for a large metal chicken run for sale, you have come to the right place. Many have been sold to those people who keep peacocks, owls and birds of prey, and our usual mesh upgrade options still include our super strong 19 gauge welded mesh with either a one inch or half inch hole size.​​​​​​  

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